meGan (xx_penisicle) wrote in confide_inme,

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juss more tears i wish i wouldnt cry

growl... i wont let this happen wow this cant happen i long for u too much to let u go..but that dont matter u dont care about me anymore... ur to good for me now.. ok i dont care that U CHANGED NOT ME!! ur still u... but no ... its diffrent and yah thats my fauly well u say but i dont belive that i think u have felt this way since lets sayyyyy APRIL!!! maybe march! i know exsact dates and everything... its when u stopped saying i love you.. and u know wat u dont have to say it.. u never did...but juss walkin out on a friend... thats thw most rechid thing any one has ever done to me.. and wat do i do hit you!?!?... no i wouldnt be able to do it.. u wouldnt be able to handle all the anger i have building up inside of me every day it get worse... if u knew how much i fuckin hated u ... maybe then u could see how much i really love you..
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