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urg ok im gonna try this...lets hope the ppl i dont wanna read this...dont read this...

ok i have a friend, Miki and she likes this guy, Vic. So Miki told one of her very best friends, Nara. and Nara just happened to be friends with Vic, they sat by eachother in Chem. class. so Miki like any girl who likes some one would do...told Nara to ask Vic Miki could get to know him but not make it seem like she likes him...just incase he didnt like her back...which is what she THOUGHT would be the worst thing in the world. So every day Miki would go with her other friend, Wendy to Wendy's locker after geometry to See Vic and also to see Nara. So everyday Miki usually had a note for Nara but today she ahd forgetten it but Nara had a note for her. So Nara went off to Chem. and Miki went off to english class to read her note. The note said how Nara thought she was begining to like Vic and how she was scared to tell miki cause she didnt know how miki would react and that Nara is trying to stop liking Vic. Miki was really upset but wrote a note back to Nara telling her how it was ok and that she should tell miki these things because this would never break up there friendship and that Nara shouldnt try to stop liking vic because miki hardly knew him anyway. She didnt really know what to say to Nara because this is a very hard situation to talk about, especally with the person ur having this situtaion with. But inside miki felt slightly betrayed...she knew Nara couldnt help it if she liked vic because he was such a great guy but miki just felt like she wanted him to herself...she wanted to be the only one who liked him...thinking she mite have a better chance of him liking her back...but seeing that has never happened before...she thought whatever happeneds happeneds...Nara will most likly get vic because no one seems to like Miki "that way" so she just gets used to it.

The End

Moral of this story -
Dont get your friends to find stuff out about the guy u like...find it out yourself...casue u never know when he might be such a great guy that your friend will start liking him too

once...shame on you
twice...shame on ME
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